4 Pack Bundle 800 Bags 200 Of Each Size 6x9, 8x10, 10x12, 11x14

by Gennzee
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You will Receive

6x9 - 200 Count

8x10 - 200 Count

10x12 - 200 Count

11x14 - 200 Count 

Total of 800 Bags

GennZee custom-designed poly bags were created for Amazon sellers by Amazon sellers. We feel we have tried all the options available and were never satisfied. We pulled together all of our favorite features from all the bags we have tried and compiled them into one perfectly designed poly bag. Here are some of the main features you will notice. 

Static-Free Easy Peel Strip

  • This strip is white so easy to see and designed to be heavier so they won’t cling to you and will actually fall inside the trash can.

Extra Strong Adhesive

  • We found that most poly bags that claim to have strong adhesive were not up to our standards as Amazon sellers. We wanted to make sure our products never fall out of the bag. That’s why we designed a bag that doesn’t use standard adhesive.

1.5 Mil Thick Poly Bag

  • We made these bags with premium-grade, virgin Polyethylene and with a soft pliable bag.

Suffocation Warning

  • Per Amazon's specifications.

    High Quality Printed Ready To Ship

    • We were tired of adding on the extra label that says Ready To Ship when bundling items together. We also noticed amazon opening up products that are manufactured to be together because they thought it was two separate items. We now have a bag that we use for everything to ensure Amazon doesn’t create a mess.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review