Amazon FBA Prep Pricing

Here is the simple pricing structure online arbitrage and wholesale have the same pricing.

Flat Rate Cost 

$0.80 Per Unit - Includes FNSKU, Poly Bag, Removing Labels

$1.50 Per Bundle - Includes Bundling Products, FNSKU, Poly Bag, Removing Labels (If requires boxes then extra cost per box)

$1.50 Bubble Wrap Per Unit - Includes Bubble Wrap, FNSKU, Poly Bag, Removing Labels

$1.75 Per Shoe Box - Includes Shoe Prep, FNSKU, Poly Bag, Removing Labels

Over Size Pricing

$5.00 Per Unit 24" longest side - Includes FNSKU, Poly Bag, Removing Labels and all other prep required

You will be charged only 1 of these prices above per unit depending on what rate the unit falls within.

Through Amazon account permission we will create the shipment and buy the shipping through your account. We do not charge any extra fees to do this for you. It's covered under that prep fee above.

We can try and use the boxes your products were shipped in to help save you money on boxes. We also offer up to 30 days free storage. We do not have any other hidden fees. We wanted to make the pricing very easy to understand so you can predict your cost accurately. 

We utilize shared Google Sheets so you can input the product information you have ordered and include specific requests for prep service. We use WhatsApp to send pictures if your products are damaged or need help with un-gating. We also stay in close communication through WhatsApp while we work on your products. Through Amazon Account Permission we print FNSKU labels and also buy the shipping labels to send your products into. On our website, you will have an account to pay invoices, track itemized products and quantity we have prepped to ship into Amazon. You will also receive shipping updates. We keep you updated during the process with pictures of your products when they are damaged or missing and what tracking number the damaged products or missing products are associated with.

Contact us below if you would like to set up an account or if you have any questions. If you would like a phone call include your number and let us know when you would like us to call. 


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